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Your Ballycastle, County Antrim go-to for exterior cleaning excellence. Our powerful pressure washing services will make your property gleam, all while we care for the environment. Let's bring out the brilliance in your property – contact us now for a sparkling transformation

Is your driveway covered in years of grime and stains? AfterGlow's expert pressure washing service will powerfully clean and restore the beauty of your driveway, making it look as good as new.

Bring back the brilliance of your home or business's exterior with AfterGlow's facade cleaning. We'll remove dirt, mould, and other contaminants to give your property a fresh and appealing look, enhancing its curb appeal.

Safely restore the appearance and longevity of your roof with AfterGlow's roof pressure washing. Say goodbye to moss, algae, and grime, and extend the life of your roof with our professional cleaning service.

Your Path to Pristine Exteriors

Welcome to AfterGlow, the epitome of excellence in exterior cleaning services. Nestled in the heart of Ballycastle, County Antrim, we are your trusted partner in rejuvenating the beauty of your outdoor spaces.

At AfterGlow, we understand the transformative power of a sparkling exterior. Our repertoire of pressure washing services is designed to do just that - to reveal the true potential of your property and ensure it shines like never before.


Aesthetics Beyond Expectation

AfterGlow specialises in bringing out the hidden beauty of your property. Our pressure-washing services can make even the most weathered surfaces look brand new, leaving your home or business exuding charm and curb appeal.

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Experienced cleaning Professionals

Our team consists of highly skilled and experienced professionals who are dedicated to delivering excellence. With AfterGlow, you can trust that your property is in the hands of experts who understand the intricacies of pressure washing.

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Enhanced Property appeal & value

A clean and well-maintained exterior can significantly boost the value of your property. By choosing AfterGlow, you're investing in the long-term attractiveness and integrity of your property, which can pay off in increased resale value or customer impressions for your business.

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what afterGlow offers

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Driveway Renewal

Revive your driveway's appearance and functionality by removing dirt, stains, and grime, with our pressure washing service.

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Deck Transformation

Bring your deck back to life, removing weathering, algae, and dirt to create an inviting outdoor space for your property.

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Facade Revitalisation

Enhance the beauty of your property with our facade cleaning service, removing dirt and mold to boost curb appeal.

patio & deck cleaning with afterGlow!

Your patio and deck are outdoor sanctuaries, meant for relaxation and enjoyment. Over time, exposure to the elements can tarnish their charm. AfterGlow's Patio & Deck Cleaning service is your key to restoring their beauty.

We specialise in removing stubborn stains, dirt, moss, and mildew, making your outdoor spaces look as inviting as the day they were built. Whether it's wooden decking or stone patios, our expert team uses pressure washing to rejuvenate their appearance and enhance their longevity.

With AfterGlow's meticulous attention to detail, you can reclaim these outdoor retreats, ensuring they remain vibrant and welcoming for you, your family, and your guests. Transform your patio and deck into the perfect backdrop for outdoor memories with AfterGlow's professional cleaning service. Choose AfterGlow to unlock the full potential of your outdoor spaces, and revel in the beauty of your revitalised patio and deck.

Driveway & Patio Sealing with afterGlow!

Your patio and driveway are more than just surfaces; they're paths to your home and spaces for relaxation. AfterGlow's Patio and Driveway Sealing service goes beyond cleaning to preserve and protect these essential outdoor areas.

We apply high-quality sealants that safeguard your patio and driveway from the effects of weather, spills, and stains. This not only enhances their durability but also keeps them looking fresh and new.

Our professional sealing service ensures that your outdoor surfaces are ready to withstand the test of time, making them easier to clean and maintain in the long run. By choosing AfterGlow, you're investing in the longevity and beauty of your home's exterior. Opt for AfterGlow to seal the deal on preserving and protecting your patio and driveway, enhancing both their aesthetics and resilience.